2021, solo exhibition, sejong museum of art, 2021.01.15 - 2021.03.07(50days)

Sound Composition for the Mathematical Model of Dynamic System
Drawings for the Mathematical Model of Dynamic System 
Chaoplexity(Hommage of Rayleigh-Bemard Convection cell)
Transducer I
Quantized Notation

2020, composition for various media

The modeling of THR resonator (The transcendental resonance discerns from the multivariate Gaussian distribution of the function space of Helmholtz resonator)
2019, data composition produced by ZKM | Hertz - Lab 

[0.99d, 0.10e] 00'59"
[0.65d, 0.30e] 00'25"
[0.50d, 0.45e] 00'11"
[0.45d, 0.50e] 00'08"
[0.38d, 0.70e] 00'07"
[0.32d, 0.75e] 00'09"
[0.25d, 0.80e] 00'07"
[0.21d, 0.85e] 00'12"
[0.18d, 0.90e] 00'36"
[0.00d, 1.00e] 00'00"102"
unseen, does not exist in space and does not expand in time 41'39"
2018-2019, composition for 11 sound tracks 

+3x108m/s, beyond the light velocity 07'43"
Sine, Linear 20-440Hz, 327-447/465sec 01'59"
Sine, Logarithmic, 20-75Hz, 428-447/465sec 02'20"
Noise, Logarithmic Filter 20-1046Hz, 465sec 00'30"
Sine, Harmonics 440Hz*4 harmonics(880, 1320, 1760..) 00'17"

2017, composition for fixed media

ⓒGRAYCODE(Taebok CHO, 조태복)