+3x108m/s, beyond the light velocity
+3x108m/s, beyond the light velocity 07'43"
Sine, Linear 20-440Hz, 327-447/465sec 01'59"
Sine, Logarithmic, 20-75Hz, 428-447/465sec 02'20"
Noise, Logarithmic Filter 20-1046Hz, 465sec 00'30"
Sine, Harmonics 440Hz*4 harmonics(880, 1320, 1760..) 00'17"

2017, composition for fixed media

2017, Structure Sketch ⓒGRAYCODE, jiiiiin
“ (...) Sinusoidal floating sounds followed by sudden silence, short passages of granulated sounds, clicks up to soon drop-like sounds can be heard. The sounds are completely static in themselves, stand on the silence, sound as a surface and articulate themselves only through volume changes and the constellations in which they are placed. In addition, the video shows constellations of exclusively green point clouds and conglomerates, which are kept in motion like mass clouds in space by gravity centers or rejection reactions. With this setting, GRAYCODE succeeds in jiiiiin impressively staging the dynamics of movements in space. Purified sounds allow a view of a pure, almost dematerialized dynamic of gravity and movement. The slightest information of the sound material connots the complex events of movement and constellation. This is anything but convention, design or expected composition. A work that goes to the extreme in its consistency and yet achieves everything in expressivity.” 

- +3x10^8m/s, beyond the light velocity was awarded the Giga Hertz Production Prize from ZKM in Karlsruhe Germany 2018. The following passage is a transcription of the jury statement by Ludger Brümmer (Head of ZKM Hertz Laboratory)

“In fact, most signals around us are transmitted to our senses through ringing and resonance. From the birth of the universe there have been ringing and resonance, and these two are, in other words, vibrations. (...) The two artists inherited the legacy of the German scientist Heinrich Hertz, using algorithms to interpret vibrations and creating their own electronic signals that can be effectively visualized. This leads to a sensory experience and a higher level of quivering beyond the sampling frequency of human vision. To do this, the two artists decomposed the electronic music into a time and frequency dimension and created a specific mathematical kernel that projected it into complicated but beautiful visual images. Through this, the music as a signal in the frequency-time space is effectively translated into a visualized image of a x-y two-dimensional plane space. Notwithstanding the convergence of the two signals is in accordance with precise methodologies based on physics and electronic engineering, it is taken as an artistic experience for the audience by omitting the cognitive process that this is a sort of functional transformation. It is not difficult to guess that there was a creative fusion of artistic sensitivity and engineering knowledge of the two young virtuosos during the design process for the specific mathematical kernel. (...)”

- The excerpt from the review titled Ringing meets Quivering by Dr. S.Joon Kwon at Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST).
+3x10^8m/s creates the entirety of world as a single event that any words could not enumerate, which is a "cosmic event” everyone could apparently understand. Isn’t the vast cosmos would be an axis with the world and event that prehensible? We stare at the moment of our life that being placed on the edge of cosmos through the work, +3x10^8m/s. What is the comprehensive our world? It is time and space.
 Time and space are intertwined with themselves. It has been more than the definition of a dictionary. If we could not see the past in time, and also could not get the space far away. +3x10^8m/s makes us look into the intertwined space in time. And soon it creates an extensive experience to encounter our world through our senses. The first edition of +3x10^8m/s, beyond the light velocity has been started from a certain question. "What time axes do we exist now?” GRAYCODE, jiiiiin had tried to find the answer: Let’s start with the absolute criterion, the velocity of light.

- GRAYCODE, jiiiiin

+3x108m/s, beyond the light velocity 237 of 465sec ⓒGRAYCODE, jiiiiin

+3x108m/s, beyond the light velocity 269 of 465sec ⓒGRAYCODE, jiiiiin

+3x108m/s, beyond the light velocity  359 of 465sec ⓒGRAYCODE, jiiiiin

expanding universe
From the first moment of the universe called 'big bang' to now on or future, if we look through the order of events, the truth is our universe is expanding. Thus we could understand the expanding universe as a train of events called expanding and the cosmic passage of time. In this work, +3x10^8m/s, beyond the light velocity, the sound becomes time. And the sound would occur as the order of time. As a physical theoretically, the audible frequency for a human being defined the rage of 20 to 20,000Hz. Our limited frequency of perceives sound that low to high could be the expanding sound of a sensible universe that changes eventually.
particle = event
From the modern physics perspective, the particle has been being a core spatial inspiration when we were starring the cosmic events. The particles constitute everything in our world from a microscopic point of view. In the visual work, the only particles without any particular shape and form create the plane and space. Their movement with force and direction, called vector, according to the mechanical structure make and realize our imaginary world. What should be the narrative of the space occurred by the particle? The order of it has been created the space simultaneously with generated event. Soon time has been born by the created space of movement and structure of them, and the events generated in that space.
+3x10^8m/s, beyond the light velocity is to look our material world as a order of events by the velocity of light. Further, it becomes to listen the time of the infinitely expanding universe. Consequently, it creates an experience that recognizes the intertwined moment of time and space with our senses. +3x10^8m/s, beyond the light velocity might be an influential work to look at our artistic lives with the art based on scientific imagination.

- GRAYCODE, jiiiiin

04.10.2018, National Gallery in Prague
photo©Dita Havrankova

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