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2012, audio-visual performance

2011-2012, . - (2015) ⓒGRAYCODE
The analog and digital defined in this work, is continuity and discontinuity, respectively. More institutionally, 'continuity' and 'discontinuity' is substituted with 'lines' and 'dots'. Besides, 'dots' and 'lines' become the fundamental idea forming the sound and visual design. Accordingly, in work , the multidimensional world consists of the smallest unit of the work, which works as seeds.
However, the multidimensional sense does not appear only regarding dots and lines.
GRAYCODE, a sound artist, turns sound and auditory sense, along with visuals, into vision. Furthermore, he intends to create works that include tactile senses that visitors can experience. The expansion of the sense of appreciating the works may lead to the expansion of the thoughts of the audiences who observe the phenomena of the works, and enables the experience of the actual multidimensional senses


19.10.2016, Live Performance, Seoul ⓒGRAYCODE

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